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Vietnam banks a destination for hi-tech crime, officials warn   2008-10-25 - Thanh nien

Vietnam banks a destination for hi-tech crime, officials warn
Banks in Vietnam have become a target of a wave of hi-tech crimes committed over the internet, senior police officials have warned.



The warning came at a conference on preventing banking crimes held in the central city of Da Nang Friday.

Le Tan Don, vice head of Da Nang investigation police unit, said the country is likely to encounter an increasing wave of hi-tech crime in the banking sector in the near future.

This could involve breaches of banks’ security systems to draw out money from automatic teller machines, hack customers’ personal database, identity theft, passwords, and stealing of credit card information.

Dinh Xuan Nha – vice director of Da Nang Bank for Industry and Trade – agreed with the assessment and added international criminals were training their sights on Vietnamese banks.

Last month, Da Nang police uncovered a case where criminals hacked a bank in England to steal US$461,000 and transferred it to an account in a Vietnam-based bank.

The criminals were part of an international crime ring operating in Vietnam and had been watched by Vietnamese police for some time.

Hi-tech crimes are also perpetrated under the guise of finance leasing companies, using fake credit cheques.

At the conclusion of the conference, Le Van Tam, vice head of Da Nang Police, said hi-tech crime was targeting the country since the management and application of modern information technology at local banks was not adequate.

He also called on banks to invest in upgrading their security systems to present fraud.

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