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The inter-banking interest rate increaes slightly   2009-03-03 - VNBusinessNews

The average transaction interest rate in VND in the inter-banking market trended to increase slightly for almost all terms over the past week, the State Bank of Viet Nam (SBV) announced today. However, the increase was quite low and mainly fluctuated in a band of some 0.5% per annum.

Of this, the six-month term interest rate saw the highest increase of 1.09% per annum. While the average transaction interest rate for 12-month terms was 8% per annum, a decrease of 0.17% against the previous week.

The average transaction interest rate in USD for over-night, two-week, one-month and six-month terms fell, while that for the remaining terms (one week and three months) rose slightly against the previous week. However, these terms saw only moderate fluctuations, except for the three-month term interest rate, which saw the highest increase of 1.02% per annum.

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